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Motorcycle Accidents in California

Motorcycle accidents have serious, catastrophic consequences for riders and their passengers. If you were injured or if your loved one was killed in a motorcycle accident in Los Angeles County or anywhere in Southern California, Bral & Associates can help. Since 1997, our firm has successfully handled more than 5,000 personal injury claims, securing over $10 million in settlements and verdicts for our clients. We understand the unique challenges you face, and we are here to guide you through the entire process with the care, attention, and compassion you deserve.

Proving Negligence in Your Motorcycle Accident Case

Like any other type of personal injury case, the issue of fault is incredibly important in motorcycle accident claims. In order to have grounds for a claim, you must show that another motorist or some other person or party was at fault for the accident. Because California follows what is known as a pure comparative negligence rule, you do not need to show that someone else was entirely at fault or even mostly at fault, just that they played some role in causing the accident that led to your injuries and damages. Commonly, fault in motorcycle accident cases is established by looking at the cause of the accident. Determining how the accident occurred allows our attorneys and investigative team to establish liability in most cases. Some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in California include:
  • Motorists engaged in dangerous or negligent driving behavior, such as speeding, texting while driving, or violating traffic laws/rules of the road
  • Fellow motorists failing to see/check for motorcyclists (including motorcyclists who are lawfully lane-splitting) when merging or changing lanes
  • Reckless or aggressive driving behaviors, such as tailgating, cutting off motorcyclists, or engaging in road rage
  • Motorists driving their vehicles while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs or while tired/fatigued
  • Poor outside factors, such as dangerous or defective road design or construction, poor weather conditions, and more
If you believe that your accident or your loved one’s accident resulted from someone else’s negligence, reach out to our Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyers right away to discuss your legal rights and options during a free initial consultation. We are ready to listen to your story and go over your various options in fighting for the full and fair recovery you deserve.

Why You Need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Although motorcycle accident cases ostensibly operate in much the same way as typical car accident claims, these cases tend to be more complex for a number of reasons. For one thing, there is an incorrect but nevertheless persistent perception of motorcyclists as being dangerous, reckless, and risky drivers. While this is not always the case, this prevalent attitude can be a huge hurdle for motorcyclists attempting to prove that they were not at fault (or not entirely at fault) for an accident. Additionally, insurance companies will often try to argue that a motorcyclist shoulders the full responsibility for an accident. Even when they do offer a settlement, it is likely to be far below what you really need for your current and future damages. Motorcycle accidents often result in severe injuries, like traumatic brain injuriesspinal cord injuries, paralysis, broken bones, and more. These injuries, in turn, require extensive medical care and can put you out of work for weeks, months, or even years. In short, a motorcycle accident can end up costing the victim and his or her family tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run. At Bral & Associates, we can not only stand up to insurance companies and their legal teams to prove that you were not at fault for the accident, but we can also build a comprehensive case aimed at securing the full compensation you need and are owed for your medical bills, lost wages, disability, pain and suffering. We have the resources, access to medical and accident reconstruction experts, experience, and skill to effectively advocate for you every step of the way. At Bral & Associates, we can help you:
  • Get your motorcycle repaired in a timely manner or help you get the highest replacement amount achievable
  • Secure proper medical care and treatment from qualified medical professionals
  • Collect your lost pay while you are recovering, as well as obtain lost future income that may be sacrificed as a result of your injuries
  • File your personal injury (or wrongful death) claim and seek fair compensation for your losses
  • Negotiate with the insurance company and their legal counsel on your behalf
  • Take your case to trial, if necessary and appropriate

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If you were involved in a motorcycle accident, you are likely facing a great number of challenges, from getting proper medical treatment to paying your medical bills and handling day-to-day expenses while you are out of work. At Bral & Associates, our goal is to ease as much of your stress as possible; our Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys will handle all of the legal issues involved in your claim so that you can simply focus on following your doctor’s recommendations and healing. At our firm, we are always available for our clients. We prioritize communication and accessibility and are available to take your call or meet with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can even travel to meet you in the hospital or in your home if needed.
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